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Stay anomynous online tips

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So for everyone who value their privacy when downloading (porn) files or whatever you do on the internet. I have put up some helpful tips to improve your online privacy.

1. Don't use Google search but rather Duckduckgo.

As you might already know, Google will track everyhing they can about you. From the search terms you use to what pages you visit and so on. A great first step in improving your privacy can be to switch over to Duckduckgo as your main search engine. For they won't log your search terms and value your privacy.

2. Use a privacy browser.

You can take another step in improving your online identity when making use of so-called privacy browsers. These are free for download browsers that will help keep you anonymous by using things like cookie and ad blockers. You can also just download Firefox and add plugins to it to make it more safe. Examples of those plugins are Noscript and HTTPS Everywhere.

3. Use a VPN service

If you really want to stay anonymous and even untraceable, you can use a VPN service. What this does is change your IP adress (most of the times) even to another country of your choice. There are many VPN providers out there, but not all of them are good at keeping you anonymous. There are a few really good VPN providers that have proven to protect your online identity and keep you anomynous at all times. One of them is Private Internet Access, or PIA for short. They have proven not to log any of the stuff you do when connected to their service.
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