IMGSRC.RU Passwords meanings (EZ EZE EZZE ZE)

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IMGSRC.RU Passwords meanings (EZ EZE EZZE ZE)

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Looking for album passwords on I will help you understand those codes like EZ people put in their album description.

So what is

Probably some of you already know of this site or have heard of it before, but if you don't i will explain. is a very popular picture upload site where you can put your uploaded pictures in a category and album for others to see and comment on. It can be a great resource for material you can use to edit in photoshop or just having fun browsing other peoples pictures and albums.

Adult material

There is of course also a lot of "hot" stuff on there as well, like amateur nudity and porn pictures. But many of those albums are protected by a password. To get a hold of that password, you must contact the upload and ask for it. At least that is how the people behind want it to work.

In reality people seem to have created a "understanding" among themselfs to use different codes as a hint for people to guess the password. Many of the users know what these codes mean and can have easy access to the albums without needing to contact the uploader and hoping for a responds.

IMGSRC.RU Password codes meaning

The most used code for a albums password is: EZ as in Easy to guess. And this code stands for the password 12345.

Here is a list of the most used codes and their passwords meaning:

EZ - 12345
EZE - 123454321
EZZE - 1234554321
ZE - 54321
ZEZ - 543212345

You can probably figure out other variations of this code just by looking over those above. But just to give you an idea. If someone uses the code EZ6 it will mean 123456, the EZ still stands for 12345 and you just put a 6 behind it, or whatever letter or number they put like this.

But of course not all users will make use of codes like this and they could also just as well have their own password which you will still have to ask the uploader.

Other terminology used on

These people also tend to use other terms that you might not know what they mean.

P4P = Password for Password (Give someone a password of your album and get theirs in return)
Trade or T4T = Trade content of yourself with others to receive something in return.

Word of warning

Just know that there are some really shady people on that website. And sometimes there could be people there mailing you asking for illegal stuff. Just ignore those users and don't view anything they might send you and delete their emails.

I just sometimes check out the nudity section on there, for some nice amateur pics and whatnot and thats pretty much all i check. But you might want to stay out of the "kids" section, i checked it once and there is some really weird shit going on there.

I hope this is helpful for anyone ;)
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Re: IMGSRC.RU Passwords meanings (EZ EZE EZZE ZE)

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Nice article you made here man. Even if its about the notorious :P
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